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Skyline is an interactive installation that is reminiscent of my home, New York City. It is one of my most daring pieces as it is glass tiles stacked to resemble buildings on marble slabs suspended in the air with nearly invisible nylon threads. The suspended materials move with the air currents in the room. The tiles aren’t glued together so when it sways they will tumble. The release of weight on one side causes a reactionary sway leading to more precarious motions. It doesn’t take much to disrupt the seemingly stable sculpture. When the pieces fall they show violence as they ricochet off the floor or just shatter where they hit. The sculpture will collapse and tumble until only the marble is left, leaving broken building blocks shattered on the floor. Then without the volunteer participation rebuilding Skyline, the timeline and art piece won't restart by itself.

IMG_3149 copy
IMG_3456 copy
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