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I am a mixed media artist who explores the relations between people, objects, and memories. My work holds a disaster aesthetic alluding to both natural and man induced incidents stressing the fragility of these three pillars of my work. The materials used in my practice are found materials related to domestic spaces, objects recreated from my own memory, and materials related to new construction. I chose these areas of collection and creation to discuss a cycle of inhabitance, destruction, and building anew. My work embodies these concepts along with a presence or a defiance of time. 


In my works there is a sense of a time as things decay or are built to settle and shift putting them on a timeline until collapse. A defiance of time is achieved using pressurized forms of paint and objects to have the imprints of those objects suspended in space even though the physical form has been removed. I use found domestic objects because they come with their own connections and stories that speak to their previous lives in a home. They speak through every scratch, moment of rust, and dent creating a rich patina of use. When I discuss my own history, I do so by recreating objects from my memory. These pieces of my history are important due to the people who handled them or the events they have witnessed with me. I lost my home and all of its belongings due to a natural disaster, so these objects are no longer with us. That is also why I am fascinated in reconstruction and building anew. 


All possessions are fragile, and they change over time, but these objects remain important to us. People fill and alter new living spaces until their residence resembles themselves and holds the individual’s memories to the point of becomes an integral part of the architecture. Objects have a power to help us recall memories and seem to gain importance by the events they were witnessed with. My work is very specific to my own past but due to the objects I use many have imagined their own memories or possessions within my work. 

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